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        Healthcare Providers & IDNs

        Deliver even more efficient and engaging patient care today

        Industry consolidation, rapidly changing legislation, technological advancement, and consumer-driven healthcare are driving important change, but they are also bringing incredible complexity to the value-based care market.

        Definitive Healthcare simplifies the landscape with actionable data, market trends, and deep insights around key information and industry metrics on the provider market and the patients served. With daily updates on nearly 8,000 hospitals and 900 IDNs, more than 150,000 physician groups, and 2 billion plus healthcare claims, we’ve spent years researching, integrating, and consolidating the right information to help our providers build better strategies in context.

        Use cases

        Network Development

        Build a low-cost, high-value network. Target the right acquisition, partnership, and merger opportunities to expand your delivery network of care centers and doctors and improve patient reach, engagement, flexibility, and care.

        Patient Retention & Physician Market Share

        Preserve and grow your patient base. Examine network leakage, referral and discharge patterns, optimize physician relationships, and identify facility use patterns for system and service expansion.

        Provider Benchmarking

        Drive new organizational strategies. Define your competitive cohort and develop comparative insights within your region or provider type by understanding important industry benchmarks and foundational data, including length of stay, cost, volume, quality, and patient statistics.

        Population Health

        Identify community and market needs. Track the effectiveness of population health programs with insights into diagnosis and treatment patterns, service utilization, financial impact, and patient access.

        Definitive Insights for Providers

        Access actionable intelligence on the healthcare ecosystem to help you grow your network, retain your patients, and understand where you rank compared to the competition.


        jane-hermansen"We want to make sure our clients are expanding their networks and engaging and retaining their patients. Definitive Healthcare has been an essential partner for us in providing this support for years."
        Jane Hermansen, MBA, Manager of Outreach & Network Development, Mayo Clinic Laboratories

        “I really like how robust the information is within the database; the sheer quantity of data points on all of the health systems/practices has helped immensely in many of my research projects.”
        -Anonymous G2 Crowd User


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