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      1. Experience the Definitive advantage

        See why 9 of the top 10 medical device companies trust Definitive Healthcare's provider data & analytics.

        Provider Data for Medical Device Companies

        Want to assess demand for your products within a specific IDN or other health network? Use our provider databases to identify burgeoning demand for medical equipment.

        How Medical Device Companies Use Definitive Healthcare’s Data

        Learn how medical device companies are using our databases to identify sales opportunities, better understand the market, and inform business development strategies.

        Look Up Installed Equipment

        Confirm installations of X-ray machines, CT scanners, MRI machines, and other medical devices. Review component histories such as implementations of high-voltage generators, image receptors, and other parts.

        Analyze Procedure trends

        Anticipate demand for certain equipment based on the procedures a provider conducts most often. Analyze the total number of procedures based on category or code.


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        “As the amount of data grows exponentially, managing data becomes a key pain point for most. Definitive Healthcare’s user interface is elegant, intuitive, and clearly laid out. With that said, the business benefits of having the sheer volume of data that Definitive houses (organized, segmented, exportable), at your fingertips, cannot be understated. Game changer.”

        — G2 Crowd User