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      1. Experience the Definitive advantage

        Start a free trial today and get access to the most comprehensive source of healthcare provider data on the market.

        Data for Financial Services

        What is a hospital’s total patient revenue? What is the facility’s cash on hand? Financial services firms can answer these and other questions with our financial data.

        Review Income Statements

        Examine a facility’s total patient revenues, total operating expenses, EBITDA, inpatient and outpatient revenue, net Medicare and Medicaid Revenue, and expenses and budgets.

        Charges and Costs by Department

        Analyze inpatient and outpatient charges for operating and recovery rooms, laboratories, radiology departments, delivery rooms, respiratory therapy, and other cost centers.

        Financial Comparison

        Use the platform’s DHC Visuals functionality to compare financial performance of all the hospitals in the U.S.


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        “A crucial piece of our strategy is to be as proactive in an ever-changing market as possible. This is where Definitive Healthcare comes in as a trusted partner. Relying on what they do best - monitoring the landscape and segmenting the market in real-time – has allowed our teams to focus on analyzing the market instead of constructing it.”
        -Anonymous G2 Crowd User