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      1. Experience the Definitive advantage

        Start a free trial today and get access to the most comprehensive source of healthcare provider data on the market.

        Healthcare Provider Data for Consultants

        To help providers deliver better care at a lower cost, you need a comprehensive assessment of their business. Our hospital, physician, and other care provider profiles deliver this information.

        Find Financial Weaknesses

        Analyze cash on hand, accounts receivable, revenues, and other financial data to identify the root of fiscal trouble, informing your conversations with chief financial officers and other high-level hospital decision-makers.

        Understand the Patient Population

        Who is a potential client serving? For which procedures and diagnoses does this provider serve patients the most? Answer these and other questions with our population health analytics.


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        “Definitive Healthcare, LLC has proven to be a vital tool for our company. Their application provides our teams with the knowledge and insight they need to have strategic and insightful conversations with key decision makers within the healthcare industry. With regard to customer service - we have been given a five-star experience each and every time we have contacted the company.”

        — Anonymous Google Review