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      1. Experience the Definitive advantage

        Start your trial today and see why 9 of the top 10 pharmaceutical, medical evice, healthcare IT, and staffing firms use Definitive Healthcare.

        Data for any organization that works with care providers.

        Selling drugs or vaccines to hospitals or health clinics? Want to connect facilities with qualified job candidates? Whatever your business objectives, Definitive Healthcare has the data needed to inform them, whether you sell medical devices or provide financial services.

        Pharmaceutical Companies

        Review facility affiliations with pharmacy distributors and target providers by financial and clinical metrics and procedure volumes.

        Medical Device Companies

        Identify which hospitals and IDNs have a need for your product using claims data, quality measures, affiliations, annual budget data, and dozens of other criteria.

        technology vendors

        Review hospitals’ current technology, IT operating and capital expenditures, and meaningful usage.


        Look up current volume and readmission rates, payer mixes, and data delivering insight into a provider’s business health.

        construction Companies

        Search for new building, renovation, and design RFPs by city and state and review project applications.

        financial services firms

        Analyze care providers’ financial performance. Review a facility’s revenues, income, costs, and balance sheets.

        staffing companies

        Identify candidates by specialty and geography, find locums or traveling practitioners, and contact HR directors.

        care providers

        Identify opportunities for partnerships, to fulfill physician vacancies and analyze your organization’s quality of care.


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        “I like the ease of navigating through the database and that I can really drill down on the specifics of each facility for exactly what I’m looking for. The customer service has been wonderful over the years. They are quick to respond and constantly strive to improve the user experience.”

        — G2Crowd User