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      1. Webinar: How to Use Commercial Claims to Drive New Sales

        Join Definitive Healthcare CEO Jason Krantz, and Senior VP of Sales and Revenue, Joe Mirisola, as they show you how to leverage Definitive's newly released Commercial Medical Claims data.

        Learn how you can effectively research, target, and sell to the healthcare provider market by tying commercial claims data to Definitive Healthcare’s proprietary intelligence and easy-to-use interface.

        In this webinar we'll show you how users can:

        • View share of procedures by healthcare organization and/or healthcare professional and compare average claim counts and charges
        • Identify claims volumes by CPT, ICD, or DRG code and get claims data trends for the previous three years up to the current time
        • Access information on payor mix at the facility or physician level
        • Examine referral patterns to identify key behaviors and relationships
        • Tie this commercial claims data in to Definitive’s other data including financial, clinical and quality metrics, network and GPO affiliations, technology implementations, RFPs, executives, etc.

        Watch our Webinar Today!