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      1. Webinar: Best Practices with Telehealth: Where to Invest and What to Avoid

        Wednesday, July 31st at 11am ET

        Is telehealth really improving patient care?

        The last 3 years has seen dramatic increase adoption of telehealth and remote technologies in the provider space. Join our best practices webinar to discover where telehealth is really making a difference and where is it falling short.

        We will discuss how your provider peer group advances clinical care and patient engagement with new technologies, as well as, the areas already capitalizing on improvement of care and areas with untapped potential.

        This webinar will cover:

        • Hospital and physician practice telehealth adoption trends, focusing on specific technologies in place, and how those trends have developed over the last three years
        • The impact telehealth has had on the market with specific voice of market traction ratings from study participants
        • Plans for future investment and the specific technologies that are top of mind across the market

        About the Presenter: Jim Abreau

        JimJim has almost a decade of vendor and provider consulting experience in the healthcare industry. His background has provided him with the application expertise and industry knowledge to be a valuable resource for executives in this space. Through hands-on sales and consulting, Jim helps small and enterprise-level organizations strategically compete and successfully advance in the market.

        Early Career: Meditech, Summit Healthcare Services


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