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      1. Top 50 IDNs By Net Patient Revenue

        Integrated Delivery Networks (IDNs) offer both healthcare services and health insurance coverage to patients within a geographic area. Each IDN is unique in its function and offerings, but generally they provide primary care, acute care, specialty care (including clinics), long-term care, and home health care. IDNs often leverage their size to increase purchasing power, negotiating lower prices with medical device suppliers for their member facilities.

        The following table lists the top 50 IDNs in the U.S. according to net patient revenue. The IDN with the greatest net revenue on our list, HCA Healthcare, leads by a significant margin, generating over $10 billion more per year than CommonSpirit Health in second place. Only five of the top 50 IDNs reported more than 100 in-network hospitals, with three of those in the top five.

        On average, the top 50 IDNs brought in more than $7.9 billion in net patient revenue during the most recent reporting period. This is about one-fifth of the net patient revenue earned by HCA Healthcare, the largest IDN. Additionally, the top 50 IDNs contain an average of 39 in-network hospitals, though the IDN with the highest net patient revenue contains more than 5 times that number.

         Top 5 IDNs by Net Patient Revenue 

        1. HCA Healthcare: $39.7 billion
        2. CommonSpirit Health: $28.4 billion
        3. Ascension Health: $17.0 billion
        4. Providence St Joseph Health: $15.2 billion
        5. Trinity Health: $13.8 billion

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