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Data and insights are more important than they've ever been. That's why I'm a Definitive User: because I'm a believer that knowledge is power.

Dave Edwards, VP of Strategic Corporate Accounts, Siemens

Why work with Definitive healthcare?

Coverage of All Providers

Definitive Healthcare’s provider databases cover all types of facilities and providers, including hospitals, physicians, ACOs, payers, skilled nursing facilities, imaging centers, and much more.

Deep Data on Each Facility

For each facility and provider, Definitive Healthcare tracks key data elements gathered from our own primary research and hundreds of other sources. Data ranging from quality of care, financial performance, executive contact information, population analytics, and more can be found within our data sets.

Data Not Found Elsewhere

Definitive Healthcare offers in-depth data that cannot be found elsewhere including daily opportunity creating events, such as request for proposals, certificates of need, and our proprietary Definitive Conversations, which offer insight on upcoming technology changes as they are taking place in hospitals and other facilities.

Proprietary Data and Algorithms

Definitive Healthcare takes data a step further through proprietary algorithms that help our clients understand healthcare markets. These calculations and analyses range from all-payer claims analytics to predictions of changes taking place within specific facilities.

Accuracy of data is of the highest importance to Definitive Healthcare. To provide our customers with the most accurate data available, Definitive Healthcare invests in cutting-edge technology, hires the brightest minds, and develops highly efficient processes for collecting, updating, and refreshing information and data.

Here are a few examples of how Definitive Healthcare ensures our subscribers always receive the most accurate data:

  • Updating our databases daily with the latest data, news, healthcare opportunities, and industry changes.
  • Making thousands of phone calls and conducting hundreds of interviews each and every week.
  • Accessing information from multiple different sources in order to provide not only the most comprehensive data but the most validated information.
  • Utilizing powerful proprietary technology to ensure our research team is able to process information most efficiently and focus on the most important areas each day.

Utilize Definitive Healthcare’s data to understand the complex and constantly changing relationships between providers.

With Definitive Healthcare, subscribers can connect the dots between provider relationships.

  • Map out an entire IDN hierarchy: Analyze which hospitals and other providers are owned, which facilities are managed or leased, and find out how decisions are made.
  • Understand relationships between hospitals, ASCs, SNFs, physician groups, physicians, ACOs, and more.
  • Analyze where patients seek care across different providers and provider types (and more population health analytics).
  • Map out physician referral patterns.
  • Research changes in these relationships due to mergers and acquisitions, new partnerships, and more.
  • All Definitive Healthcare’s data is tied together to help you understand and analyze exactly how a healthcare system or a geography is operating.

Definitive Healthcare offers healthcare data not available anywhere else.

Here are a few examples of what makes Definitive Healthcare’s databases unique:

  • Customized daily email alerts based on your selected data and territory, such as providers, executives, or technologies.
  • Daily updated healthcare opportunities in the form of Request for Proposals, Certificates of Need applications, and the latest industry news.
  • Detailed analysis of population health data, allowing subscribers to analyze where patients seek care across different providers and provider types.
  • Robust affiliation data showing the relationships between providers, organizations, and physicians.
  • Definitive Healthcare Conversations, unique conversations our research team has with providers, revealing relevant information that may not be available anywhere else.
  • Daily data updates, providing subscribers with the most accurate healthcare provider data available.

Clients utilize Definitive Healthcare’s client engagement team for a variety of purposes:

  • Unlimited live email and phone support
  • Direct access to our analysts for in-depth understanding of Definitive’s data
  • Individual or group product trainings
  • Development of custom reports and customized data feeds
  • Facilitation of CRM integration
  • Development of new product features and new data initiatives