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        Physicians Database

        Detailed, up-to-date profiles on more than 1.7 million physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals across the US.

        Definitive Healthcare’s physician profiles include:

        • Office addresses, emails, specialties, and phone numbers.
        • Prescription information, including costs and volumes of prescriptions written.
        • Procedure volumes, including an analysis of complexity.
        • Relationships with pharmaceutical and medical device companies.
        • Participation in EHR, ERX, and Physician Quality Reporting System incentive programs.
        • Referral patterns to specialists and hospitals.
        • DEA registration numbers and state licensures.

        Use cases

        Segment the Physician Market

        Target physicians by geography (state, region, zip code), primary specialty, and affiliations with specific organizations such as hospitals, physician groups, ACOs, or others.

        Identify Prescription Volumes

        Review which drugs physicians prescribe the most and prescription rates for certain segments of the patient population.

        Analyze Referral Patterns

        Break down referrals to and from physicians of interest and assess how referrals have been trending on a yearly, bi-yearly, quarterly, and monthly basis.

        Examine Diagnoses and Procedures

        Identify the most common diagnoses and procedures a physician conducts. Segment procedures and diagnoses by CPT/HCPCS category or code.


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