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      1. Experience the Definitive Advantage

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        Payors Database

        Explore our data on more than 1,200 payors across the U.S., including nationwide and regional insurers.

        Our payor database includes the following information:

        • General business data such as the amount of total direct premiums earned, covered lives, and the total amount of incurred claims.
        • News and intelligence regarding payor developments, such as executive moves, new partnerships, legal and regulatory updates, and new services.
        • Payors’ share of the core insurance market, including small group market direct premiums earned, small group market covered lives, and other such data.

        Use cases

        Review Affiliations

        Look up relationships with commercial ACOs and identify subsidiaries to understand the scope of a payor’s network. Develop business develop and marketing campaigns based on payor affiliations.

        Review Plan Quality Ratings

        Look up quality scores based on data from Medicare Advantage and Prescription Part D contracts. Assess quality rantings for HMOs, local PPOs, regional PPOs, and other types of plans the payor delivers.

        Analyze Covered Lives

        Identify the states in which the payor in question has the largest individual market direct premium earned. Look at large group market covered lives, small group market covered lives, and other such data.

        View Implemented Technologies

        Discover what software a payor is using. Break down your analysis by vendor, module, application or year of implementation.


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