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        Skilled Nursing Facilities Database

        The most comprehensive data on 18,000 skilled nursing facilities.
        Look up staffing information, claims data, quality metrics, and other essential insights.

        Our Skilled Nursing Facility Database includes:

        • Names, phone numbers, and emails (where applicable) of SNF administrators, directors of nursing, and admissions directors.
        • SNF financial metrics such as net patient revenues, cash on hand, total SNF Medicare allowed amount, and cost centers.
        • Clinical data such as the average hierarchical condition category score, percentages of the patient population with specific diagnoses, and average length of stay.
        • SNF quality metrics, including percentages of patients who experienced specific outcomes, inspection results, and penalties.

        Use cases

        Examine Referral Patterns

        Understand the relationships between hospitals and the SNF in question. View the percentage of referrals from a specific facility to the SNF, and the total number of Medicare payments.

        Contact Facility Leaders

        Start conversations with admissions directors and other high-level administrators. Reach out to the SNF’s wider network and speak with presidents and chief executives.

        Analyze Inpatient Claims

        Identify needs for specific drugs, supplies, and medical equipment through a complete breakdown of inpatient revenues by ICD-10 code. Look at the percentage of payments for acute respiratory failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and other conditions.

        Review Quality Ratings

        Look up HCAHPS scores for quality of care, staff, registered nurse staff, health inspections and other points of concern.


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        Featured Resource

        Top 50 Diagnoses at Skilled Nursing Facilities

        This list covers the most common diagnoses at SNFs, providing understanding as to the patient volumes and conditions these facilities must manage each day. The most common diagnosis, by ICD-10 code, is Z5189 – encounter for other specified aftercare.

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