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      1. Experience the Definitive Advantage

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        Home Health Agencies Database

        How many Medicare visits does this agency receive per year? From which hospitals does that agency receive referrals Analyze comprehensive data on 16,000 home health agencies (HHAs) to answer these and other questions.

        Our database of home health agencies includes:

        • Email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information on facility administrators, directors, and supervisors.
        • Quality metrics, including how well patients manage daily activities on their own and surgical recovery data.
        • Claims broken down by HHRG codes with measurements for clinical severity, functional severity, and service severity.
        • Affiliations with physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers, and other institutions.
        • Episodes of care data that includes cost per episode, model type, and other HHA information.

        Use cases

        Understand the Continuum of Care

        Compare referrals to and from HHAs to understand relationships with hospitals. Look up the percentage of referrals originating from a specific hospital, and whether that hospital is part of a larger IDN.

        Measure Quality of Care

        Access HCAHPS star ratings on an HHA’s overall care quality. See whether patients got better at bathing or getting in and out of bed, as well as how often patients had less pain when moving around.

        Analyze Care Leakage

        Examine caseswhere patients of one HHA seek treatment at other HHAs for specialized treatments. Find leakage by facility or diagnosis code.

        Review Payor Mix Analyses

        Identify the percentage of payments originating from Medicare and Medicaid as well as commercial payors such as TRICARE, Aetna, and BlueCross BlueShield.


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        Featured Resource

        Patient Satisfaction Doesn’t Equate to Quality at Home Health Agencies

        Based on our patient experience rating and clinical quality rating data, we found little-to-no correlation between patient satisfaction and outcomes. Many of the scores do not vary significantly between one- and five-star rated HHAs.

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