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        Assisted Living Facilities Database

        Is an assisted living facility (ALF) affiliated with a network? What percentage of the facility’s population is aged 65 or older? Retrieve intelligence on more than 42,000 assisted living facilities across the US to answer these and other questions.

        Our database on ALFs includes:

        • Patient population socioeconomic and education details, such as the percentage of those living in poverty, median income levels, and the percentage of residents with college degrees.
        • Staffing information, including the number of on-staff specialists, OB-GYNs, and primary care physicians.
        • Affiliations with other ALFs, skilled nursing facilities, physician groups, and other organizations.
        • General information such as phone numbers, physician email addresses, and  LinkedIn profiles (where applicable).

        Use cases

        Analyze Patient Characteristics

        Dig into population metrics to better understand who an ALF is serving. Look up Medicare service utilization, percentage of population aged 15-65, median economic indicators, how much of the population is in poverty, and other data.

        Identify ALF Affiliations

        Confirm relationships with other ALFs, imaging centers, hospitals, hospices, and other organizations.

        Segment the ALF Market

        Target ALFs in urban or rural areas, within specific states or regions, by the number of beds, CBSA population growth, and other parameters.

        Review Access to Care

        How many OB-GYN physicians are on staff at an ALF? How many primary care physicians and specialist physicians are on staff? What specialty care can patients receive? View this data and more.


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