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        Long-Term Care Facilities Database

        Examine detailed profiles of skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, and hospices to get a comprehensive view of the long-term care market.

        Which patients utilize hospice services the most? What services do the majority of skilled nursing facilities specialize in? These are the questions you can answer with our long-term care facilities database, which provides profiles on:

        • Skilled Nursing Facilities: Examine more than 18,200 skilled nursing facilities, assessing each institution’s financial and clinical metrics, resource utilization, and services offered
        • Assisted Living Facilities: Analyze 39,600 assisted living facilities’ financial performance, patient population metrics, affiliations, and contact information
        • Home Health Agencies: Assess more than 20,100 home health agencies’ financial metrics, clinical metrics, employment trends, contact information, and other data
        • Hospices: Explore over 7,400 hospice profiles to analyze demographic information, primary diagnoses, charges and payments, days of care, and site of service

        Use cases

        Segment the Long-Term Care Market

        Target skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, home health agencies, and hospices within specific regions, states, or zip codes. Find long-term care facilities with a specific number of staffed beds or special focus facility designations.

        Analyze Quality Measures

        Get a comprehensive overview of a long-term care facility’s quality of care. For example, look at the percentage of long-stay residents whose ability to move independently worsened or improved.

        Identify Affiliations and Relationships

        Explore an interactive map showing the locations of a long-term care facility’s affiliates, including hospitals, assisted living facilities, and physician groups. Look at referrals to and from long-term care facilities broken down by the total amount of Medicare payments and charges.

        Examine Assets

        Review long-term care facilities’ cash on hand, accounts receivable, allowances for uncollectible, land improvements, and other financial data.


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