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        Analyze data on approximately 14,600 hospital-based, freestanding, & portable imaging centers across the U.S.

        Imaging Centers Database

        Analyze data on approximately 14,600 hospital-based, freestanding, and portable imaging centers across the US.

        Our database of imaging centers contains:

        • Volume and cost data for all types of radiology procedures, from MRIs to PET scans.
        • Affiliations with physician groups, hospitals, long term care facilities, group purchasing organizations and other imaging facilities.
        • Volume and cost data for all types of radiology procedures.
        • Analyses on radiology services each facility offers such as ultrasound, X-ray, MRI, and CT.
        • Confirmation of whether an imaging center is a designated independent diagnostic testing facility (IDTF)

        Use cases

        Find RFPS for Equipment

        Get daily alerts on RFPs from imaging centers requesting medical device upgrades or service. Customize your home page so that you only see RFPs for new imaging equipment. View applicant profiles to confirm which radiology machines they’re currently using.

        Analyze Radiology Procedures

        Examine claims data associated with specific imaging centers to confirm which radiology procedures they most frequently conduct.

        Find Key Contacts

        Identify directors of radiology and leaders at parent organizations. Import leadership phone numbers and emails into your CRM to fuel your lead generation efforts.

        Review Affiliations

        Identify an imaging center’s relationship with other facilities offering radiology services, hospitals, physician groups, ambulatory surgery centers, and other providers.


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        Medical Imaging Centers are New Target for Payor’s Cost-Cutting Measures

        Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield’s new policy now states that MRIs and CT scans not deemed “medically necessary” should be done at freestanding medical imaging centers instead of larger hospitals, asserting patients will be able to access less expensive scans at outside imaging centers.

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