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It gives us instant credibility, and [hospital executives] are much more apt to listen to what products or solutions we're trying to sell to them.

Jeff Dufault, Sales Director, Philips Lifeline

Our Hospitals & IDNs database includes:

  • Executive and department leadership phone numbers, email addresses, and LinkedIn profiles.
  • Affiliations with GPOs, regional purchasing coalitions, physician groups, ACOs, and other institutions.
  • Detailed hospital financial, clinical, and quality metrics.
  • Open requests for proposals (RFPs) & certificates of need (CONs) for technology, consulting, construction, and major equipment purchases.
  • Data on technology implementations such as EHR solutions, clinical systems, ePrescribing software and other applications.
  • Real-time coverage of executive leadership changes, M&A activity, software implementations, new hospital services, and other developments.

Use cases

Review Payor Mix

See what percentage of hospital patients are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, or a commercial payor such as Blue Cross Blue Shield or UnitedHealthcare.

Analyze Inpatient and Outpatient Claims

Review estimates of total payments for specific inpatient and outpatient procedures. Analyze claims by DRG codes, diagnoses, procedures, costs, readmissions, or revenue centers.

Segment the Hospital Market

Target hospitals by type (children’s, psychiatric, short-term acute care, etc.) number of staffed beds, region, state, CBSA population, geographic classification, and other filters.

Submit Project Proposals

Receive daily alerts of hospital RFPs for new construction, technology implementations, linen supplies, and other products and services.


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