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        Urgent Care Clinics Database

        Search through a database of 10,000 urgent care clinics to identify marketing, sales, and business development opportunities.

        Our database of urgent care clinics includes:

        • Contact information (phone numbers and email addresses) for executives at parent hospitals, urgent care networks, and clinic administrators.
        • Population metrics detailing the percentage of patients 65 or older, median income levels, percentage of Medicare beneficiaries, and other details.
        • An interactive map enabling subscribers to identify providers (imaging centers, physician groups, ASCs, etc.) affiliated with specific urgent care clinics.
        • General information about physicians who practice at urgent care clinics.

        Use cases

        Sell to a Network of Urgent Care Clinics

        Examine profiles of urgent care corporations and then analyze clinical data at subsidiaries to identify demand for pharmaceuticals, medical devices, staff, consulting services, or other solutions.

        Identify All Affiliates

        Want to expand your marketing or sales strategy to an urgent care clinic’s wider network? Pull a list of all providers affiliated with the clinic, including rural health clinics, skilled nursing facilities, physician groups, and home health agencies.

        Start Conversations with Executives

        Pull email addresses for C-suite leaders at urgent care corporations, including chief nursing officers, chief medical officers, VPs of strategy, operations directors, and others.



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        Featured Resource

        Top 25 Urgent Care Clinics by Population

        Clinics in Texas constituted eight of the 25 largest urgent care clinics by population. Georgia pulled the runner up, with three clinics earning spots on the list.

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