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        Retail Health Clinics Database

        Search through a database of 2,000+ retail health clinics across the US to better understand this growing segment of the provider market.

        Our database of retail clinics includes:

        • Interactive maps detailing the scope of a clinic’s affiliations with facilities belonging to the same retail clinic corporation.
        • Population data such as the number of primary care physicians, median economic indicators among patients, and the percentage of the population aged 65 or older.

        Use cases

        Understand the Patient Population

        Use our data to confirm which segments of the patient population often seek care at retail health clinics and analyze characteristics about the patient population. What is the median income level of the patient population? How many patients are covered by Medicare?

        Identify Relationships

        Assess a retail health clinic’s wider network. How many imaging centers is it affiliated with? Does it have relationships with urgent care or rural health clinics?




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