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      1. Experience the Definitive Advantage

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        Renal Dialysis Clinics Database

        Analyze profiles on more than 7,500+ renal dialysis clinics. Look up procedure volumes, population health analytics, and other intelligence on the dialysis market.

        Our renal dialysis clinics database includes:

        • Information on clinic executives, directors, and senior administrators. Pull emails, phone numbers and (where applicable) LinkedIn profiles.
        • Data on affiliations with other renal dialysis clinics, ambulatory surgery centers, imaging centers, and other care providers across the U.S.
        • A breakdown of diagnoses and procedures conducted by whichever rental dialysis clinics you may be examining. Episodes of care for gastrointestinal hemorrhages, cardiovascular procedures, joint replacements, and hundreds of other procedures.

        Use cases

        Track Provider Relationships

        Find new sales and marketing opportunities by assessing affiliations with other health clinics. In addition, examine referrals to and from renal dialysis clinics.

        Review Quality Metrics

        Is a clinic following best treatment practices regarding anemia management and dialysis adequacy? Our quality data answers these questions as well as provides insight into clinics’ bloodstream standardized infection ratios.

        Identify Demand for Medication

        What sort of kidney disease treatments is a particular renal dialysis clinic conducting? Examine procedure category data to determine what.

        Analyze Affiliations

        Examine dialysis facilities’ affiliations with hospitals, urgent care clinics, and other providers using an interactive map.


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