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        Federally Qualified Health Centers Database

        Explore up-to-date profiles on 13,400+ federally qualified health centers (FQHCs) across the US. Find sites of service, ACO affiliations, and other key information.

        Our database includes the following data on FQHCs:

        • Clinical metrics such as total visits, staff members, physician visits, Medicare covered costs, full time physician assistant visits, and other relevant information.
        • Patient characteristics revealing how many patients are at or below the poverty line, are covered by Medicaid, were screened for conditions, and sought treatment for specific diagnoses.
        • A breakdown of all diagnoses and procedures conducted at specific FQHCs. Look up procedures and diagnoses by HCPCS category or code.
        • Referral patterns revealing relationships between long-term acute care hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other care providers.

        Use cases

        Identify Drug Needs

        Analyze specific FQHC markets (as defined by region, population, or other parameters) to measure demand for certain pharmaceuticals based on the most common diagnoses.

        Segment the FQHC Market

        Define your target market by region, state, geographic classification (urban, rural) CBSA population growth, source of funding, and network affiliations.

        Measure Equipment Demand

        Receive alerts whenever FQHCs submit RFPs or certificates of need for new equipment and analyze total payments for specific procedures to review current demand.

        Identify Staffing Need

        See how many full-time physicians and nurse practitioners are on site and compare those resources with the total number of annual visits.


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        Top 25 Federally Qualified Health Centers

        The top 25 FQHCs varied in the number of employed physicians as well as total compensation. Of the centers with the greatest number of patient visits, physician employment ranged from 23 to 139.

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