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        Analyze information on nearly 40,000 clinics across the US, with intelligence on retail clinics, urgent care facilities, federally qualified health centers, and others.

        Health Clinics Database

        Analyze information on nearly 40,000 clinics across the US. Get intelligence on retail clinics, urgent care facilities, federally qualified health centers, and other types of clinics.

        Our clinics database includes segmented data on:

        • Retail Clinics: Gain insight into more than 2,100 retail clinics’ patient population, staffing needs, physician groups affiliations, and more.
        • Urgent Care Clinics: Review 10,600 urgent care clinics to identify human resourcing demands, executive contacts, patient population characteristics, and other crucial details.
        • Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs): Analyze profiles on 14,100 FQHCs, reviewing patient characteristics, clinical data, percentage of claims by procedure category, and episodes of care.
        • Rural Health Clinics: More than 4,700 profiles on rural health clinics reveal each clinic’s affiliations, Medicare claims, number of physicians and nurse practitioners, and other key operational data.
        • Renal Dialysis Facilities: Explore our database of 7,600 renal dialysis facilities to understand each institution’s administrative and custodial costs, quality of care metrics, population characteristics, and additional details.

        Use cases

        Segment the Clinics Market

        Target specific types of health clinics, from FQHCs to rural health clinics, or target clinics within specific geographic regions, with specific accreditations, or number of primary care physicians.

        Identify Network Technology

        Want to sell software to a network of care clinics? Look at the applications in-network clinics are using to see if your company can fulfill any gaps.

        Analyze Clinic Populations

        Better understand the patients specific clinics are serving. Look up details such as age, median economic indicators, the percentage of patients in single-parent households, and the percentage of Medicare beneficiaries visiting the ER.

        Measure Access to Care

        Find out how many OB-GYN physicians, primary care physicians, registered nurses, and specialist physicians are on staff at a clinic.


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