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        Clinically Integrated Networks Database

        Which physicians are members of a clinically integrated network’s (CIN’s) IT committee? Answer these and other questions in our database of 110 CINs across the U.S.

        Our database of CINs includes:

        • Data on members such as the type of firm (hospital, health system, hospice, etc.), location of business, and other general information.
        • Executive contact information such as email addresses, direct phone numbers and LinkedIn profiles (where applicable).
        • The latest news applicable to a CIN of interest. Topics may include executive changes, patient care initiatives, partnerships, and other events.

        Use cases

        Build Custom Reports

        Pull a list of all CINs meeting your sales, marketing, and/or business development criteria. Include information such as address, most recent reporting year, total MSSP expenditures, and other details.

        Speak with Executives

        Start conversations with key ACO leaders by pulling contact information on directors, treasurers, chair members.




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