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        Accountable Care Organizations Database

        How many members does a given accountable care organization (ACO) have? How large is the ACO’s patient population? Analyze more than 1,600 accountable care organizations across the US to answer these and other questions.

        Our database of ACOs include:

        • An interactive map through which subscribers can look up information on members, such as the type of firm (urgent care clinic, hospice, ASC, etc.) and city of business.
        • Key executive contacts with phone numbers and email addresses (where available).
        • Data on which technologies ACO members are using, organized by module, vendor, and application.

        Use cases

        Target ACO Members

        Whether your selling software or consulting services, you can use this database to identify all providers belonging to an ACO and target those facilities.

        Speak with Executives

        Start conversations with key ACO leaders by pulling contact information on directors, treasurers, chair members.




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        Featured Resource

        Top 50 ACOs by Patient Population

        TMA PracticeEdge is the largest ACO in the market, with a patient population of 5 million. Texas Health Resources snagged the no. 2 spot with up to 1.6 million patients.

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