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        Medical Procedures & Diagnosis Data

        Our medical procedures and diagnosis data enables you to create rich activity profiles for hospitals, physicians, and other care providers. Segment your search by ICD-9 or ICD-10 code, CPT/HCPCS code, or DRG code.

        Inpatient & Outpatient Analytics

        Examine all inpatient and outpatient procedures and diagnoses, broken down by DRG code. Identify procedures care providers conducted the most over a given year, the percentage of procedures belonging to specific category (surgical, obstetrics, etc.)

        Revenues for Diagnoses & Procedures

        Look up the total number of payments for specific procedures and diagnoses. Look at the total amount of Medicare payments, average amount per claim, total Medicare charges, and other data.

        Costs and Readmissions

        Find readmission rates for diagnoses by DRG code as well as the average length of stay in days for patients readmitted for specific conditions. In addition, look at the top reasons as to why patients were readmitted at specific hospitals.


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        “I like the ease of navigating through the database and that I can really drill down on the specifics of each facility for exactly what I’m looking for. The customer service has been wonderful over the years. They are quick to respond and constantly strive to improve the user experience.”

        — G2 Crowd User