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        Population Health Analytics

        Our population health analytics allows you to acquire a complete understanding of a demographic’s care. Segment health population data by age, geography, gender, and other parameters to better understand how they receive treatment.

        Network Leakage

        Confirm which out-of-network hospitals, physicians, and clinics are treating the same patients, and the procedures they’re delivering. Identify whether those out-of-network providers belong to specific ACOs, physician groups, or other organizations.

        Care by Provider Type

        Identify where a hospital’s patient population seeks care the most, and what percent of the time. For example, identify the total amount of payments a hospital’s patients submitted to skilled nursing facilities.

        Provider Market Share

        Identify a hospital’s market share for specific diagnoses and procedures, including the percentage of payments, charges, and claims by DRG code within the larger patient universe.


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        “I really like how robust the information is within the database; the sheer quantity of data points on all of the health systems/practices has helped immensely in many of my research projects.”

        — G2 Crowd User