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        Physician Referral Data

        Analyze physician referral patterns to identify relationships with specialists, hospitals, and other providers. What is the extent of a physician’s relationship with an imaging center? With which specialists does he or she have close relationships?

        Referrals to Specialists and Facilities

        Review referrals to providers over a 30-, 60-, 90-, or 180-day period. View procedures for which a physician is referring patients to specialists, and assess yearly referral trends to specific hospitals, clinics, or other providers.

        Referrals from Other Providers

        Identify the top referring providers based on primary specialty, view referring physicians’ hospital affiliations and practice locations.


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        Our biggest unmet need prior to engaging with Definitive was finding a way to improve our sales teams’ ability to effectively target/ segment their accounts/physicians. Since using the Definitive database, we have seen a material jump in overall sales efficiency and effectiveness.

        — Tim Moran, Fmr President, Americas, ConvaTec