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        Medical Procurement & Purchasing Data

        Data on facility GPO participation, estimates of IT operating and capital budgets, expenditures regarding food, housekeeping, and laundry services, and total medical device and pharmaceutical supply costs. 

        Understand providers’ purchasing and supply chain activity

        Our procurement and purchasing data shows you how much providers spend on facility maintenance, food services, medical equipment, and other expenditures, empowering you to identify prospects based on their purchasing activity.

        Access care facility purchasing metrics and organization memberships

        Our comprehensive database covers: IT spending estimates, total expenditures, medical equipment & pharmaceutical costs, and more. You can also determine hospital and facility GPO memberships, including primary and secondary relationships.

        Identify purchasing and procurement intent

        Search for open and closed requests for proposal, with options to filter results by region, status, type, and other criteria. Review certificates of need for durable medical equipment needs, facility changes, and other market shifts.


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        “The data, analytics, and insights Definitive Healthcare provides are simply invaluable. We rely on their data to support all aspects of our sales cycle, and the folks at DHC are always eager to help train and answer any questions we might have. DHC is a valued and trusted partner.”

        — Emily Broccolo, Google Reviewer