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        Quality of Care Data

        Analyze CMS quality metrics for hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, and other providers. Identify pain points through Medicare readmission reduction penalty scores, HCAHPS results, and other measures.

        HCAHPS Results

        See patient survey summary star ratings on key issues, such as:

        • Doctor and nurse communication
        • The timeliness with which patients received care
        • Cleanliness of facilities
        • Explanations regarding medication

        Readmissions and Complications

        Get 30-day readmission and return rates for patients suffering from certain conditions, such as heart attacks or pneumonia. Assess healthcare-associated infection measures for CLABSI, CAUTI, SSI, MRSA, and intestinal.

        Structural Measures & Capabilities

        Confirm whether or not a facility is able to receive lab results electronically, track patients’ lab results, tests, and referrals electronically between visits, possesses a nursing care registry, and institutes a patient safety culture.


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