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        Technology Infrastructure Data

        Data on the latest healthcare technology implementations including EHRs, clinical systems, revenue cycle, pharmacy admin, supply chain, etc. Access technology vendor market share along with Meaningful Use measures.

        Understand technology infrastructure for hospitals and care facilities

        From EHR to revenue cycle management, our technology infrastructure data not only reveals which applications providers are using, but also notifies you of new implementations, open certificates of need for new technology, and RFPs.

        Determine technology vendor market share

        Leverage our visual dashboards to analyze the top vendors of inpatient & outpatient EHR systems, CPOEs, information systems, and patient portals. Customize hospital results by revenues, discharges, beds, IT spend, and other filters.

        Review Meaningful Use data

        Analyze and search facilities by meaningful use attestation and payments, and determine which stage of Meaningful Use individual providers achieve.


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        “Definitive has given us clear insight into the landscape of US-based hospitals, making it easier for our sales and marketing team to understand the total addressable market and reach potential prospects. The sales team utilizes the tool to better qualify prospects and convert them to customers. Using Definitive, we have achieved records sales for the 5th consecutive year.”

        — Steven Steier, Executive Sales Administrator, Extension Healthcare