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        Healthcare Provider News

        Get the latest news into M&As, IT implementations, executive announcements, and other developments. Create and save email alerts for events related to specific providers or firm types or customize your homepage to ensure you don’t miss key announcements.

        Requests for Proposals

        Customize your home page to show request for proposals (RFP) relevant to your business. Configure the RFP feed to display RFPs for new construction, consulting projects, facility maintenance, and other services.

        Certificates of Need

        Get the latest certificates of need for hospital renovations, certification of new units and/or services, change in ownership, and other developments.

        Daily News

        Want to stay in the know of developments in a sector of interest? Customize your home page to get news stories about M&A activity, executive changes, new hospital capabilities, affiliations, and partnerships.


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        A crucial piece of our strategy is to be as proactive in an ever-changing market as possible. This is where Definitive Healthcare comes in as a trusted partner. Relying on what they do best – monitoring the landscape and segmenting the market in real-time – has allowed our teams to focus on analyzing the market instead of constructing it.”
        -Anonymous G2 Crowd User