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        Provider Financial & Clinical Metrics

        Assess financial and clinical metrics for hospitals, physicians, health clinics, long-term care facilities, and other providers. Analyze a facility’s financial performance over 7+ years, review Medicare penalties and incentives, and compare key clinical metrics.

        Hospital & Provider Financial Data

        Look up assets, revenues, expenses, and budgets, debts and income ratios, EBITDA information, cost centers, cost per discharge, and other financial metrics.

        Hospital & Provider Clinical Metrics

        Look up a provider’s bed utilization rate, average daily census, average length of stay, total acute care days, the number of beds available during a particular month, and dozens of other metrics regarding care capabilities.


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        “A crucial piece of our strategy is to be as proactive in an ever-changing market as possible. This is where Definitive Healthcare comes in as a trusted partner. Relying on what they do best - monitoring the landscape and segmenting the market in real-time – has allowed our teams to focus on analyzing the market instead of constructing it.”
        -Anonymous G2 Crowd User