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        Certificates of Need Data

        Daily-updated certificate of need applications providing the most up-to-date insights on healthcare providers' future plans.

        Review certificates of need to anticipate facility procurement and upcoming projects

        Our certificates of need (CON) data allows you to identify CONs for new equipment, facility renovations, new hospital units, and other developments. Confirm the providers submitting CONs and the status of each application.

        Find CONs most relevant to your business

        Search for CONs based on type of development (renovation, equipment transfers, changes in ownership, etc.), state, current status, and according to your sales territory.

        Ensure your team has all the data they need

        Receive applicant names, the CON statuses, date of the application, and descriptions of proposed projects.


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        “We have been subscribed to Definitive Healthcare about two years, and I would recommend them. It is very easy to navigate through the system, and the support team responds quickly to questions. It’s been a very useful tool!”

        — Jennelle Thomas, Sales Coordinator, Dynamic Computing Services