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        Professional Services

        Need further analysis into a specific market trend? Want to merge our data into one of your internal systems? Our Professional Services team delivers a range of consulting, analysis, and reporting services.

        Our Professional Services team delivers:

        • Data Integration: Combine our extensive dataset with any internal system, creating a single source of truth.
        • Custom BI Reporting: Create complex reports based on multiple data sources. Customize file formats and download via FTP access designated for you.
        • Account Segmentation: Partner with our team to fine-tune your client base or target new business. Increase team efficiency through focused market segmentation.
        • Analysis & Dashboards: Uncover behavior trends that expose the true value of your accounts. Visualize and interact with your data on the fly to hone in on your top priorities and stay up-to-date with the latest market changes.


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        “Their excellent response time and continual updates to the database were of use to our organization, in addition to always being fair, courteous and professional in every respect. Definitive Healthcare is an example of a business partner that made you feel like they valued your business.”
        - Seymie Wilkerson, Google Reviewer