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      1. Pricing


        Definitive Healthcare is dedicated to leading the industry in quality while delivering unmatched value and a meaningful return on your investment. Focused on a range of strategic objectives across many vertical markets, the company offers its healthcare provider data, visual analytics and reporting, custom research, and a portfolio of professional services through several pricing models.  These scalable models ensure our clients are paying for precisely what they need just when they need it – and that they are maximizing their investment with the right alignment of support, education, and relationship-based account management to succeed and grow. 

        Each of our clients is addressing a unique set of challenges, and there are many factors that go into accurate pricing. 

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        Our Clients' Return on Investment


        "Definitive Healthcare provides more accurate and timely information and consolidated news so we can react to the market quickly based on our strategy."

        Jon Parnell
        VP, Corporate Accounts
        STERIS Corporation


        "Definitive is able to provide a soft ROI by helping us be a lot quicker to answer."

        Les Friend
        Executive Director, Corporate Accounts
        Karl Storz


        "We look at a lot of data from total spend to quality metrics. Definitive Healthcare helps us pare down and summarize what the opportunity really is so when I call on a client, I am as informed as I can be."

        Jessica Rizzo
        Sr Director, Client Solutions
        Soriant Healthcare