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      1. DefinitiveCares

        What is DefinitiveCares?

        DefinitiveCares is a charitable organization run by Definitive Healthcare with the mission of giving back to the community through volunteer initiatives. DefinitiveCares is focused on providing assistance to the community through both commitments of time and effort as well as financial contribution. These efforts help to foster a more supportive and generous environment both throughout Definitive Healthcare and the community at large.

        Since the program's inception in September of 2015, Definitive Healthcare employees have committed hundreds of service hours and raised thousands of dollars for community efforts.  Some of the organizations we have supported include the Crossroads School which is dedicated to educating children and adults with Autism, Habitat for Humanity, Boston Food Bank, Westborough Food Pantry, Veterans’ shelters and the Boston Healthcare for the Homeless.  Additionally, we have worked to improve the lives of hundreds of children and low income families by providing Christmas and Mother's day gifts for those in need.